Manage Your Office Supply Closet Life A Pro

July 13, 2017 Off By Louise B. Delia

If you’re the office manager and responsible for managing all of the supplies in your office, then you know how much of a difficult task that can become. On the surface, managing supplies doesn’t seem like a particularly difficult task, but it can be for a lot of reasons. For starters, there’s a tendency for employees to request more supplies than they actually need. This isn’t just an issue in your office; it’s a problem in companies around the globe. Perhaps it’s human nature or there’s a social reason for why this tends to occur. Needless to say, it’s important to take a proactive approach to managing office supplies.

If your goal is to transform the organization of your supply closet, there are a few ways to do that. You can obtain any type of shelving fort worth tx to ensure there is plenty of space for properly organizing all of the supplies purchased. You can also implement rules regarding how many supplies are ordered. This can be difficult to enforce because it’s hard to police the ordering of supplies. If someone says they need a specific type of sticky note, you might not want to deny that simple request. One way to get around the issue is by implementing clear policies and procedures.

As a general rule, whenever you have guidelines regarding what is and isn’t allowed concerning employees, it’s always best to ensure they are in writing. This will help to ensure you are treating everyone fairly. Sometimes there might be a subconscious tendency to allow some employees to do things that others are not allowed to do for no particular reason, other than perhaps that you work more closely with them. The reason why this issue relates to managing supplies is because everyone should be held to the same standard, otherwise there will be problems. Any policies about what is not acceptable should be communicated, which is a great way to prevent unnecessary frustration.

The logistics of organizing the supply closet is pretty simple. You should ensure all similar items are placed together. If you have large shelves, then there should be plenty of room for all of the supplies ordered. There should be a general rule that any supplies that already exist cannot be ordered for the sake of staying within budget. For instance, blue pens should not be ordered if there is already an abundance of blue pens, unless there is a specific reason why it’s necessary to use a different brand.

Another way to make sure the office supply closet stays organized is by appointing one person to disseminate the supplies on a weekly basis, with exceptions made for when supplies are needed outside of the usual delivery time. While this might sound quite strict, it works, and employees eventually get used to any new rules that are implemented. What’s great about technology is that none of this has to happen manually; there are management systems that can manage what’s ordered and delivered.