Ties.co.uk Assigns Secure Trading Group to Offer Merchant Services

April 30, 2019 Off By Louise B. Delia

Ecommerce companies are finally realizing the significance of working with dependable payment providers. The level of payment services a firm get impacts their bottom line in many ways.

It is no wonder Ties.co.uk; a renown tie retailer has chosen Secure Trading acquiring’s branch acquiring.com to cater for most of its payment needs. The UK-based Ties.co.uk is a leading online seller for high-end men’s apparel. It is also known for a culture of providing reliable customer service. And now, in a bid to improve the payment experience for consumers, Ties.co.uk chose Secure Trading and acquiring.com to assist.

The deal was announced on 11th March 2019, and the online tie dealer is hoping the payment service will uphold its ethics, offer security and drive more revenue to its website.

Ties.co.uk: Why we chose Secure Trading/acquiring.com

The Ties.co.uk – Secure Trading/acquiring.com deal was a product of the existing business rapports between TiesRus.co.uk, a sister company to Ties.co.uk, and Secure Trading. The ecommerce tie retailer chose the payment providers—Secure Trading & acquiring.com— because it has a familiar back-end system and charges affordable merchant processing fees.

TiesRus.co.uk is Ties.co.uk’s branch that deals with baby toys and apparel. The former has been using Secure Trading’s service for some time, and the latter is looking to get the same convenience its sister retailer has been enjoying.

“Secure Trading has always provided dependable payments services to TiesRus.co.uk, so we thought it was easier to have them help us at Ties.co.uk too,” explained Jason Farnsworth, the managing director of Ties.co.uk.

The Managing director also said choosing an integrated gateway and acquiring payment service with Secure Trading & acquiring.com is an excellent way to streamline the payment process and reduce friction by relying on a single vendor.”

According to Craig Brightly, the head of sales at Secure Trading, the tie dealer, Ties.co.uk is an up-and-rising fashion store with a thoroughbred of fostering excellent customer relationships and fast, flexible delivery of products.

“To make sure that these standards are upheld, Secure Trading and acquiring.com will make sure that all payments made to Ties.co.uk are convenient, speedy and secure for shoppers,” said Craig.

Author Bio: Payment industry expert Taylor Cole is a passionate merchant account expert who understands the complicated world of secure trading at your business. His understanding of the industry has helped thousands of business owners save money and time.